Thank you for checking out Shitty Fish!!!!

Take on hoards of enemies in a wave based battler using your Speed and Agility in a fresh New Take on Combat!  Get ready to drift past your enemies' defenses and dash straight into their weak spots in this intense speed based combat arena game!!!

This project is still in early development and will feature many sweeping changes as development trudges on through. Please leave feedback, good or bad, so that we can get this right!


WASD = Move

Mouse = Camera

Left Mouse/Left Shift = Dash

Right Mouse/Space = Drift

Also works with controllers.

Updated 21 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags3D, Arcade, Atmospheric, Experimental, Fast-Paced, Indie, Shaders, Unity, weird


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First and foremost the title made me laugh & after that I had to give your prototype a try.

I really like the underwater feel & the use of topography lines in the map. It definetly made me want to explore more of the environment.

The speed to which you move feels swift but not overwhelmingly so. I also like how the fins move back and forth. Damage system wise I believe it makes sense.

The AI is very competent and feels like a challenge to face.

Even though this is a prototype I think you have a good foundation to build on.

Improvement wise here as some ideas that came to mind

- The enemies should have a larger turn radius than the player, this could always be adjusted depending the on the difficulty of the enemy. As it stands they are a bit too good at targeting making the fight feel frustrating when you constantly zoom past your foe.

- The map size is HUGE! So finding the enemies was a bit difficult after spawning in. I can see two things improving this. Unlocking parts of the map as you complete waves or having bubbles blowing in the direction of the enemies to cut out the confusion.

- Please just add some ambient sound or little bubbles even. Maybe Audio ques could be used so the player know other fish are nearby

I really see some potential for fun with this. Maybe even having the game be about a new fish being bullied (in a comedic over the top way) by the local fish! That would be memorable! Like he has to complete waves to earn the respect of the other fish to not be harassed. Would suit the title if you intend to keep it! A funny, challenging but enjoyable game.

 I hope you continue to move forward with this project and turn it into something awesome. You really do have the framework for something cool!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try and get to some of those things as soon as I can

Def leaning towards keeping the title haha

Some basic audio is next on the list, it's a bit empty right now.

This is my first full on project as a studio, super excited to continue working on it!

You've done well so far and don't feel like you need to rush it! Take your time and just make tweaks that you believe would make sense! You're off to a great start!


Thanks man!